Social Media Videos and Storys

Animated GIFs and Social Media Storys are the first choice for highlighting your content. They are easy to consume and serve as effective calls-to-action.

Gifs, cinemagraphs, storys, short videos – these are great tools to keep your brand’s feed fresh and modern. By supporting their implementation, companies like Apple and Facebook respond to the needs of many people to capture moments not just in photographs, but in moving images that still differ from classic videos.
If clips up to 15 seconds or six seconds are attention-catchers, why wouldnt you want them to be five or even one second long?

The story function offers users of social networks the opportunity to share pictures or short videos with their followers. This content disappears after a certain time, usually 24 hours. Stories offer the opportunity to show content in an authentic and genuine way, which is well known to the social media community. Various trends show that the story function is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, the stories are placed and highlighted in prominent places on many social media platforms, and on the other hand, new, partly interactive features are constantly being developed. In addition, stories can not only be consumed only on mobile devices, but also on the desktop. According to Facebook, the stories will replace the news feed as the primary means of communication in social networks over the next years.