Life in Loops.

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip. They are published as an animated GIF or in other video formats and can give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.

(Source: Wikipedia.)

We can produce customized Cinemagraphs out of video footage and/or still photographs. Cinemagraphs are used by almost all companies with strong digital marketing outcomes like Netflix, Disney, Coca Cola or IKEA, just to name few. They are easy to implement in Corporate Websites or in Social Media campaigns via HD video auto-looping & auto-playing, e.g. on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. By using Cinemagraphs you can easily tell a little story and highlight specific aspects of a product, a brand, or a special experience that you’re trying to promote. In our opinion, Cinemagraphs are a fantastic way to make digital advertising more diverse and cooler to look at 🙂 Take a look at some examples below.